Kearney Consulting LLC is deeply involved in setting standards for marketing accountability in conjunction with MASB. Read more here.

SetTing Standards

  • Business Process Optimization
  • Decision Sciences
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Analytics and Dashboarding
  • Product Strategy
  • Econometric Modeling



Kearney's team includes well seasoned pros and academics in the fields of marketing, finance. statistics and decision sciences. Kearney will create a customized team to solve your unique problem and pass through those expert fees with no markup. You pay no markup, no overhead, no beach time - just pure, accountable, expertise


Kearney Consulting will bring together top academics in the fields of econometrics and media mix modeling to build custom solutions to answer the unique questions you have now  

Kearney Consulting will quickly asses your current business processes and make immediate, actionable recommendations with an eye toward metrics and continuous process improvement

Kearney Consulting's principal, MJ Tisor has significant experience building procure to pay and vendor management practices for marketing and product development groups

Led by MJ Tisor, Kearney Consulting LLC has worked with some of the world's leading financial institutions to develop lending, investment and payment products and product strategies 

 Procure To pay

Decision Sciences

Process Strategy

Product Strategy

Management and Strategy Consulting